T-Shirt Design

We all know that a T-Shirt is a piece of clothing that we wear on our torso unit to keep us from exposure. A T-shirt is made up of a cloth that is usually cotton. Sometimes these T-Shirts have designs on it……. oh yeah……. DESIGNS! We all seen a lot of T-Shirt designs from a simple word phrase to rock bands being printed on the front of the shirt and sometimes the back. Have you ever thought about how a T-Shirt design was made? Have you ever thought about what makes a great T-Shirt design? You probably didn’t. But i’ll tell you, in my opinion, what makes a great T-Shirt design. What I believe what makes a great T-Shirt design is using the right colors because if you have different layers of colors to where you can’t see it, i.e dark on dark; then your design won’t be as good and probably won’t get as many sponsors as you want.tekdrop_sml When it comes down to picking a brand of T-Shirts to wear in public, I often stick with generic brands and here and there when my money is good, I buy a rock band shirt whenever I get the money for it. But overall I often wear generic brand T-Shirtgeneric_t_shirts-rab35fb7ab44343d190c1b2e18d66ce3b_iq3h9_324 just to keep the hood rats from seeing me as a target and because I like it and i’m forced to stick with it until my money starts rolling in. With just living life with the generics I am quite faithful to the generic brands to be honest with you. With the generic stuff I can stand out from the crowd with their (fake) Gucci, Adidas and all that other fancy brand names. To tell you the truth, with the generic T-Shirts, I can take a marker and add a few things to the design itself and bring it to more of my liking.miami-graffiti-t-shirt








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