My Role Model: Adolf Hitler

adolf-hitlerMy Role Model is none other than the head leader of the Third Reich and dictator of Nazi Germany during World War 2, Adolf Hitler. Looking over the fact that he killed six million Jewish people, I see him as a role model because of his dedication during war, his spectacular leadership before he became dictator, and his strong will in not giving up until the very end when it was needed. Although he killed people resulting in the holocaust, before he became the dictator of 1933 Nazi Germany, he made very important runs during World War 1 on the front line risking his life to deliver messages to soldiers on the battlefield.  Adolf Hitler Saluting, 1934

It amazed me how dedicated Hitler was when he ran for presidency in 1933 and won the election, being known as the Nazi Party. I was impressed by how he didn’t give up running his poll although a number of people didn’t vote for him. When it came down to going into work to take over Poland and expand the Nazi territory, he didn’t give up. He continued to improve his efforts and push his soldiers to the limit onto achieving their goal to greater their country. Although the United Nations continued to get in this way from achieving ultimate dictatorship, he still whipped out Jewish areas and expanded Germany’s territory. When it came to the point where he began to lose power and was pushed to the edge by United States soldiers and other UN allied nations, he still fought them regardless of his limited supplies and soldiers available to fight.

AHUnfortunately in the end, he made a sacrifice to his duties as the Nazi dictator and near Genocide of the Jewish race on The Eve of Beltane. Although it was suicide I still look up to him considering the fact he came from a rough background where people had doubt in him.


6 thoughts on “My Role Model: Adolf Hitler

  1. If hitler was truly your role model than you would know the truth about him. Firstly he did NOT kill 6 million jews. Secondly he did not commit suicide. He escaped to Argentina. 6 million jews did not even live in Europe during Hitler’s reign. Most of them already moved to America. Less than a million people died in his concentration camps and most of then were not jews, most were gays, Jehovahs witnesses, gypsies, freemasons, blacks and only a few jews. They also did not die because they were gassed, they died because during the war Britain had bombed all the main roads and it was impossible to access the camps. They died of disease and starvation and Mr. Churchill is the only one to blame for their deaths.

  2. May I inform you all that this article was written when I only had the allies opinions of him. Now sometime soon I shall write an updated post on as to why he’s my role model by using a few more “interesting” sources that I’ve come across since the past few years I’ve updated any article on my blog.

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