Saints Row the third Review

Something that relates to digital arts is a video game I played this weekend. saints-row-3-logoThe video game is called “Saints Row the third”. Unlike Saints Row 2, it has a syndicate that’s controlling a city through businesses and gang operations. The city is called Steelport, divided into four islands ran by three different gangs called The Morning Star, The Luchadores, and Deckers. The game is when Stilwater‘s top running gang, The Saints, enters Steelport through a plane heist. Shaundi, Pierce, and Johnny Gat all work together to get out of the syndicates hands to make a deal to enter Stillwater and take over. The deal failed and they all landed in Steelport airborne. Steelport_ui_map_world_city Johnny Gat dies and the Saints begin to take over Steelport. Along the way they all met some useful individuals who would help expand the gang into the city. The first area was the Morning Star’s territory since it was the largest. With the help from Zimos, the city’s top pimp, and Pierce the Saint’s went in hard and took down the Morning Star killing the leader of the Syndicate and Morning Star. Then it was time to go in on the Luchadores and Deckers. With the help from the former heavy weight champion, Angel and the former FBI apprentice Kinzie, The Saints were able to run out the Deckers through their advanced technology with Kinzie’s help through her tech geek skills and send the leader off running. The Luchadores were next but in the middle of the quest to run them out an elite force came in called STAG. They came to take out the Saints and stop gang activity in Steelport. A member from the syndicate came to the Saints leader to talk about joining because Killbane, the leader of the Luchadores, took over and she doesn’t like his plans for the syndicate. At the moment STAG forces came and attacked them out of no where and the Saints fled the scene. They later came in and dealt with the Luchadores while avoiding STAG forces at the same time. When it came to around the end of the game the player got to choose if they want to kill Killbane or save their main member Shaundi. If you pick eliminate Killbane, Shaundi dies. If you pick save Shaundi, Killbane gets away. It’s a fun game when it comes to taking over a city and running from the police. It kills time and is a good choice for the game heads out there. Saints_Row_The_Third_Gang


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