Sounds, Sounds, Everywhere! (3 types of digital media)

Majority of my weekend was spend inside my home tucked under my blanket doing what the average teen usually do. I didn’t do much but watched television, listened to the radio, played video games, and watched a movie. While I was at it I’ve listened to the sounds within each.

As for the T.V. shows I’ve decided to watch some were reruns of reality shows and Japanese anime. The sounds of each were different. The reality shows had most scenes were a song plays in the background when a situation were two people are talking about gets deep or emotional.rasheeda crying As for the Japanese anime I’ve watched, it had a lot of sound effects in it. It was based on magic so of course there would be different charm,casting, and chant sounds in the background. As for the fighting scenes, there were effects of punching, kicking, etc.natsu-dragneel_thumb[1]

The radio stations I listened to were Rock stations (101.1 Q101, 95.1 WIIL Rock). Of course with rock music you expect to hear “rock hard” sounds. Well some songs were heavy pitched with metal guitars and drum kits while others were a little more on the lighter, calm side with acoustic alternative rock beats that weren’t as aggressive. The audio of the voice production was deep and had a strange scream to it.

The movie i watched was an old favorite, Friday. Not a lot of effects was going on but when Craig got “high” he heard things slower and echo like around him. It just had regular sounds like gun shots, car engines, sounds related to the environment and what was going on at the moment.

As for the video games I played the sound effects related to the ancient concepts related to the 1100’s and, again, gun shots. Broken glass and crates goes with actions being performed in the environment at the time in the game.

As these are the few things that relates to digital media that I have listened to carefully over the weekend.



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