My favorite digital artist: Skrillex


Skrillex is a twenty-five year old male from Los Angeles, California. He persured in an early music carrer as the frontman of a former band, From First to Last. On february 27, 2007 he made an announcement that he left the band to pursue a solo carrer. His first place of fans were on MySpace were he posted demos of his elecro music. He went on the Team Sleep Tour around this time and with him, he had thirty demo CDs per a show. In 2008, he began DJing in clubs in Los Angeles under the name of Skrillex. In 2010, he released a debut album titled “My Name is Skrillex”. During summer 2010, he provided programming and vocals for the band Bring Me the Horizon. His third album and remix collection was released in 2011.


Skrillex main genres are Dubstep, Electro, and House. He also worked in Post-Hardcore and Metalcore. He was deep into electronic music his whole life. He was influenced by several bands and artist such as Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin,etc. when he was forteen, he would dabble with electronic tracks such as fruity loops. He never saw genre as a restriction in music because he really didn’t care about that. His current sound is a mix of dubstep, electro, and glitch all thrown together. A good example of this is his hit song Scary Monsters and Nice Spirits. He believes it is important to be self sufficient as an artist. Skrillex doesn’t just stand as an electronic dance musician, he is changing the music industry as well. He believes in and loves the music he makes. All it took was thousands to download his first album for him to continue to make music because he was inspired to move on by his fans as a whole.

On November 30, 2011 he was nominated for five grammy awards at the fifty- fourth annual Grammy Awards, including best new artist. He only won three which were for Best Dance/Electronica album, Best Dance Recording, and Best Remixed Recording, Non-classical. BBC announced Skrillex as a nominee for their Sound of 2012 poll. In 2011, he was named MTV’s Electronic Dance Music Artist of the year. He won a total of six Grammy Awards.

Skrillex was born in Northeast Los Angeles under the name Sonny John Moore. He moved to San Francisco at two. When he was nine and ten he attended a boarding school in Las Vegas. He moved back to his hometown at twelve were he then enrolled in a private academy specialized in the arts. By forteen he was home schooled due to bullying. He learned he was adopted when he was sixteen. He would attend punk gigs in Mexican American neighborhoods in south and east Los Angeles then later at electro club raves downtown.

In 2012, Skrillex was dating the woman who performed vocals on his track Summit for this album Bangarang. They split up later in 2012 because they couldn’t make their long distance relationship work.


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