Addressing the issue with my past Hitler article

It’s been a long while since I actually wrote a decent article on here. I’ve come to notice that my very first article on Adolf Hitler attracted all kinds of people. Now what I can tell you that most of the information in that article is false due to a theory revolving around “however wins gets to tell it however they want”. To further explain this thing about a regular fist fight out on the streets. The winner of that fight gets to over exaggerate the actions performed due to the fact that he/she came out victorious. The actual fight could’ve been 1 minute that involved a single knockout with no verbal exchanges. But when a crowd is to be addressed on the fight you’ll more than likely get an exaggeration such as: “I came up to John and shouted ‘I’ll beat your ass’ over and over again. He swung at me and I dodged it. I came back and knocked his ass out with a left hook and he fell to the ground. I picked him up and threw him onto the ground and began stomping him while calling him my bitch and saying that I own his ass now. He’s weak as hell anyway. Should’ve never came at me with…”. See what I mean? The winner of all wars gets to rewrite it however they see fit. That’s why History is really “His Story”.

Now for the source that I’ve recently come across. “The Greatest Story Never Told” is a DVD set that explains the life of Hitler through the Axis perspective. The series is also available online at if the link doesn’t work please copy and paste it in your web address box.


T-Shirt Design

We all know that a T-Shirt is a piece of clothing that we wear on our torso unit to keep us from exposure. A T-shirt is made up of a cloth that is usually cotton. Sometimes these T-Shirts have designs on it……. oh yeah……. DESIGNS! We all seen a lot of T-Shirt designs from a simple word phrase to rock bands being printed on the front of the shirt and sometimes the back. Have you ever thought about how a T-Shirt design was made? Have you ever thought about what makes a great T-Shirt design? You probably didn’t. But i’ll tell you, in my opinion, what makes a great T-Shirt design. What I believe what makes a great T-Shirt design is using the right colors because if you have different layers of colors to where you can’t see it, i.e dark on dark; then your design won’t be as good and probably won’t get as many sponsors as you want.tekdrop_sml When it comes down to picking a brand of T-Shirts to wear in public, I often stick with generic brands and here and there when my money is good, I buy a rock band shirt whenever I get the money for it. But overall I often wear generic brand T-Shirtgeneric_t_shirts-rab35fb7ab44343d190c1b2e18d66ce3b_iq3h9_324 just to keep the hood rats from seeing me as a target and because I like it and i’m forced to stick with it until my money starts rolling in. With just living life with the generics I am quite faithful to the generic brands to be honest with you. With the generic stuff I can stand out from the crowd with their (fake) Gucci, Adidas and all that other fancy brand names. To tell you the truth, with the generic T-Shirts, I can take a marker and add a few things to the design itself and bring it to more of my




There are a lot of logos that exist in this world, but there are basically three that I actually like out of them all. They are the PlayStation logo, Lego logo, and Adidas logo.

PlayStation logo:

What stands out about the PlayStation logo is that it has bright colors and it has a combined format of the letters P and S together. The logo communicates the companies purpose by its colors symbolizing joy, passion, and excellence. The PlayStation logo has not changed over time but the company, Sony, has designed three dozen logo concepts to be presented for final selection. PlayStation-Logo

Lego logo:

What stands out about the Lego logo is that it has a bold red background and bold letters with yellow outline around them. The logo communicates the purpose of the company by sending out a message through its name with a meaning of “play well” that came from two Danish words “godt” and “leg” standing for well and play. The company’s logo has changed over time. Having a design history going back to 1935 with just a plain black text to evolving into bold concepts of white letters outlined with a yellow color and placed in a vibrant red box.LEGO_logo

Adidas logo:

What stands out about the Adidas logo is its mountain like design with two splits creating three parts that symbolizes the aims and goals that lies ahead. The logo communicates the purpose of the company by sending a message of elegance and success to its buyers and athletes and also sends out a message of being in a fine quality of products. The logo has not changed over time but Adidas has partnered with Salomon having blue represent the Adidas and Red represent the Salomon companies.The Adidas Logo - Review

These are the three companies that I really like as a whole.


My Role Model: Adolf Hitler

adolf-hitlerMy Role Model is none other than the head leader of the Third Reich and dictator of Nazi Germany during World War 2, Adolf Hitler. Looking over the fact that he killed six million Jewish people, I see him as a role model because of his dedication during war, his spectacular leadership before he became dictator, and his strong will in not giving up until the very end when it was needed. Although he killed people resulting in the holocaust, before he became the dictator of 1933 Nazi Germany, he made very important runs during World War 1 on the front line risking his life to deliver messages to soldiers on the battlefield.  Adolf Hitler Saluting, 1934

It amazed me how dedicated Hitler was when he ran for presidency in 1933 and won the election, being known as the Nazi Party. I was impressed by how he didn’t give up running his poll although a number of people didn’t vote for him. When it came down to going into work to take over Poland and expand the Nazi territory, he didn’t give up. He continued to improve his efforts and push his soldiers to the limit onto achieving their goal to greater their country. Although the United Nations continued to get in this way from achieving ultimate dictatorship, he still whipped out Jewish areas and expanded Germany’s territory. When it came to the point where he began to lose power and was pushed to the edge by United States soldiers and other UN allied nations, he still fought them regardless of his limited supplies and soldiers available to fight.

AHUnfortunately in the end, he made a sacrifice to his duties as the Nazi dictator and near Genocide of the Jewish race on The Eve of Beltane. Although it was suicide I still look up to him considering the fact he came from a rough background where people had doubt in him.

Digital Arts: History of Video Game consoles

People believe that the first video game console that came out was the Atari in 1977. Well no. The first video game console that ever came out was in 1967 with a console called the “brown box” created by Ralph H. Baer. The console only contained six games at the time and could be plugged into any ordinary TV set. In 1972 the Magnavox Odyssey was released. Just like the Brown Box, both consoles was silent in sound production and had poor graphics. In 1975-1977, Atari made a home console after it’s 1973 PONG arcade machine. Atari competed with the Odyssey consoles knocking Odyssey out and opening up a chance for other programmers to create there own consoles. Atari In 1978-1980, Nintendo entered the industry with color TV game series available only in Japan. The consoles followed in the footsteps of Atari and featured pong-style games. A few more developers stepped in as well but among all the competition of upgraded consoles of Odyssey and a few others, Atari Stayed at the top with the best graphics and games. The golden age of video games started in 1981-1985. This era included advanced gaming technology and is also known as the era when Mario (1983), Pac-Man (1980), The Legend of Zelda (1986), Final Fantasy (1987), and Golden Axe (1988) was born. Sega and Nintendo dominated the industry at this time. Atari and a few other known companies released new consoles but were dominated by the competition and ended with their last home consoles. sega nintendo nes 1986-1990 Sega and Nintendo were in a console war. Sega’s success of all time was the Mega Drive/Genesis in 1988. Two years later Nintendo hit the markets with the Super Nintendo entertainment system. These two were the major console war that occurred in the 80’s. segamegadrive SNES In 1991- 1993 the industry met its first CD running console launched by Phillips, the CD-i. Unfortunately, it was a failure. Other consoles tried to conpete but lost to Sega’s CD release. In 1994-1997, Sony made its entrance with the PlayStation. Sega continued its series by releasing a Genesis 2 and 3 while Nintento stuck with cartridges with its Nintendo 64. PSX N64-Console-Set In the 1998-2004 period, Sega released another console, Sega Dreamcast (1998). Two years later, Sony began to progress with its next PlayStation, PlayStation 2 in 2001. Nintendo released the GameCube while Microsoft entered the industry the same year with the Xbox and the online gaming service, Xbox Live. PS2 GameCube-Console-Set Xbox_console From 2005-2011, the video game console industry only has room for three major competitors, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo with the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii. Xbox_360_S PS3Versions Wii_console  All three consoles contained add-on features that used physical movement such as the kinect for Xbox 360, Move for PlayStatin 3, and Motion Plus for the Nintendo Wii. The PC also entered the industry. As of now, the competition still continues in 2013 through 2014 with Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox one, and Nintendo’s Wii U. sony-playstation-4-xl Xbox One family-580-90 wiiu21-jpg The industry lasted a long time and is still growing today with new and advanced gaming technology.

My favorite TV show: Naruto Shippuden

My favorite television show is called Naruto Shippuden. It is an anime made in Japan by Masashi Kishimato. I have been watching it since it came to America in 2004. Since then I grew to love it. But there are still some things that I don’t like about the show that is production related. naruto-shippuden-logo-png-image

Three things that’s best about it:

– The fact that the producers of the anime made the series humorous and dramatic at the same time. Most of the time it is dramatic and serious because of what’s going on at the time but that’s just how the story line is made. Some scenes are humorous and others are sad and touching.

– The sound effects and ambiance gives away the location and actions of the characters within the scene. This usually tells rather a fight is going on, they’re at the edge of night, at a ramen shop eating ramen, etc. Sometimes you hear swords coliding, the ground crumbling on impacts of large amounts of energy (chakra), doors opening, people walking, all simple sound effects like that.

– The animation is pretty cool though. naruto_601_naruto_vs_madara_by_iitheyahikodarkii-d5elo6lThe way the konoha (hidden leaf village) is designed and some of the characters appearances kinda gives off to what their personalities are and characteristics as a ninja.naruto-shippuden-characters-wallpaper-and-friends

Three things that’s worst about it:

– I don’t like it when the production goes from the most amusing, action packed scenes and goes on to an unnecessary filler that has nothing to do whatsoever with the main story line and this causes the show to be made into more episodes just to finish one major fighting scene which is usually more than 5 episodes.

– Another thing that is just unnecessary in the show is the main character’s pupil being placed into scenes where he is just not worth being in because he has nothing to do with what is going on at all and is just in the way, in my opinion.Konohamaru1280-864312

– Another thing I don’t like is the choice of background music in some scenes. I understand that the music is Japanese culture like but I would like the BGM more if it was more of an American action type BGM.

These are just some of the things that I find to be best about the series and that’s just the worst or doesn’t have no meaning in it whatsoever. Although with all of its bumps production wise, a lot of kids, teens, and young adults tune in on Neon Alley just to watch upcoming episodes.


Saints Row the third Review

Something that relates to digital arts is a video game I played this weekend. saints-row-3-logoThe video game is called “Saints Row the third”. Unlike Saints Row 2, it has a syndicate that’s controlling a city through businesses and gang operations. The city is called Steelport, divided into four islands ran by three different gangs called The Morning Star, The Luchadores, and Deckers. The game is when Stilwater‘s top running gang, The Saints, enters Steelport through a plane heist. Shaundi, Pierce, and Johnny Gat all work together to get out of the syndicates hands to make a deal to enter Stillwater and take over. The deal failed and they all landed in Steelport airborne. Steelport_ui_map_world_city Johnny Gat dies and the Saints begin to take over Steelport. Along the way they all met some useful individuals who would help expand the gang into the city. The first area was the Morning Star’s territory since it was the largest. With the help from Zimos, the city’s top pimp, and Pierce the Saint’s went in hard and took down the Morning Star killing the leader of the Syndicate and Morning Star. Then it was time to go in on the Luchadores and Deckers. With the help from the former heavy weight champion, Angel and the former FBI apprentice Kinzie, The Saints were able to run out the Deckers through their advanced technology with Kinzie’s help through her tech geek skills and send the leader off running. The Luchadores were next but in the middle of the quest to run them out an elite force came in called STAG. They came to take out the Saints and stop gang activity in Steelport. A member from the syndicate came to the Saints leader to talk about joining because Killbane, the leader of the Luchadores, took over and she doesn’t like his plans for the syndicate. At the moment STAG forces came and attacked them out of no where and the Saints fled the scene. They later came in and dealt with the Luchadores while avoiding STAG forces at the same time. When it came to around the end of the game the player got to choose if they want to kill Killbane or save their main member Shaundi. If you pick eliminate Killbane, Shaundi dies. If you pick save Shaundi, Killbane gets away. It’s a fun game when it comes to taking over a city and running from the police. It kills time and is a good choice for the game heads out there. Saints_Row_The_Third_Gang